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What is Causing Your Receding Gums and How to Stop It?

Do your teeth look a little bit longer than they used to, or are you seeing gaps between your teeth and gums? Your gums are receding. This is mainly seen in older people, over 60, but it can also happen to younger people. In a normal healthy mouth, the gums are sealed tight against the root of the teeth. Gum recession occurs when gum tissue starts to pull back and wear away, which exposes the roots of the teeth. This causes the teeth to become loose. The gaps that from between the teeth and the gum line become attractive breeding grounds for bacteria which leads to periodontal disease.

How can you tell that you are experiencing receding gums?

Longer teeth

When tissue wears away, more of the teeth gum becomes exposed, making teeth kook longer than before. This is more so with the front incisor teeth especially the lower incisors.

Loose teeth

Gum tissue holds teeth in place. When it wears away, teeth become loose as there is no support. Some people will have visibly moving teeth when they are talking. These loose teeth will fall off by themselves in extreme cases.

Exposed roots

This is a common sign in people suffering from extreme gum recession. Teeth can be seen almost to the roots and will often be more sensitive.

What causes gum recession?

  • Periodontal disease – This is a bacterial infection of the gums whose symptoms include bad breath, swollen and bleeding gums
  • Poor dental habits – Failure to brush and improper brushing bring on bacteria. But brushing too hard, on the other hand, causes wearing a way of teeth enamel.
  • Hormonal changes – Women at puberty and pregnancy are more predisposed to gum recession as well as pregnant women.
  • Tobacco use
  • Genetics – There are people genetically predisposed to gum disease even as they observe good dental hygiene.


Receding gums are treated using dental surgery procedures. These include:

  • Open flap scaling and root planning – This involves cleaning the pocket gap between teeth and gum and then re-securing the gum tissue back tightly.
  • Regeneration – This is more advanced than root planning. It goes a step further to put in a graft tissue membrane before re-securing the gum.
  • Soft tissue graft – This involves taking tissue from another part of the mouth e.g. palate and applying it to the affected area.

You can prevent gum recession by:

  • Observing good dental hygiene like brushing correctly and seeing a dentist regularly
  • Eating a well-balanced diet
  • Quitting smoking

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