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Root Canal Symptoms and Therapy

Root Canal Symptoms and Therapy

The root canal is one of the integral aspects of the dental system, as it acts as the anchor of the teeth holding it in place. It also consists of several elements like nerve fibers, blood vessels, and soft lymph tissues. It is quite possible that these tissues can either be infected or damaged as a result of deep cavities, cracked or broken tooth, failing restoration, or repeated dental jobs on the same tooth. One of the best ways to relieve pain caused by this problem is to undergo a root canal therapy. It is also done in order to avoid losing that particular tooth altogether.

shutterstock_401756095Common Symptoms of Root Canal Problems

A root canal therapy is required only if the individual experiences the following symptoms:

  • An individual experiences a sustained and throbbing pain near the tooth
  • Chewing on the certain side of the mouth or on a particular tooth causes pain
  • Consumption of cold drinks or food causes hurt
  • Extended sensitivity issues to cold and hot temperatures
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Increased sensitivity and swollen gums that are near the affected tooth
  • Some individuals may get a pimple on their gums

Root Canal Therapy

Since the mouth is an extremely complex part of the body, a lot of action can take place beneath the surface. The root canal is one of the most important aspects of the dental system, as it serves to keep the teeth surface clean and healthy. Similar to a cavity that may occur on the tooth, it is also possible for the root canal to become affected. If the individual experiences the symptoms listed above, it is almost certain that a root canal therapy is of the order.

The root canal therapy will be performed by a dentist, who will clean and seal the root canal in its entirety in order to prevent the possibilities of infection in the future. It is possible that infections may hit the pulp or nerve tissue, thus placing the individual at the risk of losing his tooth altogether.

If the infected pulp or tissue is not treated soon, it may result in the possibility of breakdown. It would lead to bacteria causing an infection of the mouth, jaw, face, or throat; abscess is also a possibility. A simple root canal procedure will help prevent their abscess from making any progress.

After Root Canal Recovery

Your dentist will not only perform the root canal therapy in order to prevent any issues from spreading further into the mouth, but the patient will also be guided on post procedure pain. They may be prescribed antibiotics or just pain relievers depending on the severity, which is usually gauged on aspects like the status of the pulp and the extent of swelling.

It is quite common that the tooth may be highly sensitive for the initial few days after performing a root canal therapy. It will subside after just a few days. During this time, it is recommended not to chew extensively. Being ginger in the post-procedure will help patients make a quick recovery and will also prevent the temporary crown from the breakage.

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