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5 Foods You Probably Didn’t Know Are Terrible For Your Teeth

As young children, we were told what is “healthy” and what is “unhealthy” for our bodies. The same thing applies to our teeth. We all know some of the things we aren’t supposed to eat to keep our dental hygiene in good health such as candy, chocolate, and sugar.
Going to the dentist regularly can help educate anyone on the most well-known foods, drinks, and substances that can cause poor dental hygiene.
That being said, there are actually plenty of foods out there that you probably have no idea are harming your teeth. Surprisingly these foods are all typically perceived as “healthy” foods by the general public. Drs. Kaufman & Strauss say these are 5 foods you probably didn’t know are terrible for your teeth:

1) Bread: When you eat bread, the starches are broken down into sugar by your saliva. In fact, many types of bread now contain high fructose corn syrup and other forms of sugar. Brad easily gets stuck in between your teeth, so all that sugar is now sticking to the spaces in between your teeth. It is recommended that you stick to whole wheat bread that contains fewer sugars.

2) Alcohol. Drinking alcohol actually dries out your mouth, which can be problematic because our salvia does a lot to protect our teeth. With a dry mouth, your saliva can’t do its job properly.
3) Ice. Really, Ice? Yep! Ice is just frozen water, so how can it possibly be bad for your teeth? It’s not the ice that is bad but rather chewing on the ice that is harmful. Drs. Kaufman & Strauss say that chewing on hard substances can damage your tooth enamel, which can lead to a whole array of dental problems.
4) Citrus. Although there are many healthy and nutritious components to citrus fruits for your body, and that our body craves vitamin C, citrus fruits are not always so kind to your teeth. The acid in the citrus can erode tooth enamel, which, as mentioned previously, can be a slippery slope to many other dental problems.
5) Dried Fruits. It’s a fruit, isn’t it good for you? Well, they’re sticky, and just like the bread they get stuck in the crevices of your teeth and leave behind a lot of sugar. Brushing or ringing out your mouth after eating these snacks can allow you to still enjoy them without potentially harmful effects.
How many of these foods do you generally consume without thinking twice because you know them to be “healthy?” In adults aged 30 and above, studies have said that over 47.2% of them have some form of periodontal disease. This is probably just associated with the fact that people are eating these seemingly healthy foods, not knowing they are bad for their teeth and gums.
If you are concerned about the condition of your teeth, make sure to call and schedule your next appointment as soon as possible with our Palm Beach Gardens Dentist office.

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