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Today’s modern dentures only barely resemble the dentures of the past. Even though the word “dentures”might conjure up images of your grandfather’s “false teeth,”our patients with dentures are thrilled at how natural their new teeth look, how comfortable they feel, and how securely they fit.

We design dentures to complement the features, bone structure, and even complexion of the person who will be wearing them. Every tooth is made and placed individually to allow for the variation that occurs naturally. This makes the dentures more lifelike. We think that your dentistry should be between you and your dentist – all anyone else needs to see is your friendly and attractive smile!

If you are in need of new dentures, whether it’s your first time or you are unhappy with an older set, please call us today to meet with one of our Jupiter, North Palm Beach, and Palm Beach Gardens dentists to discuss your treatment goals.

Partial Dentures

If you’re missing several teeth but you still have a significant number of healthy teeth, partial dentures might be the right option for you. These dentures place natural-looking artificial teeth into a frame that snaps into place so that the new teeth fill in the gaps left by the missing teeth for an attractive and complete smile.

Modern partials are designed to look great and fit comfortably. You’ll be able to chew and speak with confidence once again. Call our office today to learn more about partial dentures, as well as our other tooth replacement options.

Implant Reconstructive

Dental implants offer benefits that other tooth replacement options simply can’t touch. In addition to being the most permanent option for tooth replacement, they also look, feel, and function the most similarly to your natural teeth.

We know that looking and feeling good are important to you, but as your dentists, we are also concerned about helping you maintain your long-term oral health, and dental implants can be a key part of that.

Once you lose teeth, your dental bone begins to diminish. Other tooth replacement options can’t help with this situation, but dental implants restore the relationship between your tooth roots and the bone that holds them in place, stimulating the bone to continue maintaining itself.

To learn more about dental implants and find out if they are the right option for you, please call Gardens Dental Spa to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled Palm Beach Gardens dental implant dentists.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

It’s never too late to have a smile that you are proud to show off. No matter how bad your situation may seem right now, please remember that we have seen (and treated) it all.

Full mouth rehabilitations may include a number of different techniques and treatments, and we’ll help guide you every step of the way. Our first priorities will be to relieve any discomfort you are feeling and treat any areas of active disease.

The treatments we use to restore your smile could include:

  • Dental implants
  • Crowns
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Bridges
  • Bonding
  • Full or partial dentures

Before we begin your treatment, we’ll create a plan so that you know what to expect. You deserve to smile with comfort and confidence. Call us so that we can help you get started.